An easy recipe for instant fall color

An easy recipe for instant fall color

Pansies and snaps flower bed

6+ hours Sun | 24 Square Feet | Plant in October or November | From the Kitchen of: Felicity’s Flowers


2 flats Pansies, mixed

1 flat Snapdragons


Layout for a 6' x 4' bed - 

Layout for quarter circle walkway or mailbox bed



  1. Dig or till soil, working compost into beds. Mound the entire bed 3" to 4" above the rest of the area and rake smooth. Sprinkle the bed with a thin layer of fertilizer.
  2. Lay out plants while they are still in packaging to confirm design and required spacing.
  3. Plant in 3" holes, cover bed with 1" to 2" pine bark mini nuggets, water.
  4. During the season: Fertilize, deadhead, weed, and water.
  5. Enjoy! 


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