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Jolt Pink Dianthus

Jolt Pink Dianthus

Jolt dianthus will continue to bloom into the early summer months, giving you that extra push to carry your landscape into the warm season. Jolt dianthus can be planted in early fall in Greenville landscapes.  Jolt dianthus can tolerate temperatures into the low 20sF. Jolts can be planted in late winter for an amazing pop of color throughout the spring and early summer. Aside from the striking bloom colors that come in Jolt Cherry, Jolt Pink and Jolt Pink Magic, Jolt dianthus has excellent dark green foliage that provides additional pop to the bloom color. Jolt dianthus makes wonderful cut flowers in flower arrangements. Jolt dianthus is also great for attracting butterflies in the later fall and early spring.

Height: 16-20″
Width: 12-14″
Spacing: 10-14″

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