Felicity Clarke

image Felicity Clarke — Owner, President, Designer. Felicity's education started on a citrus farm in Africa, where she was given her own garden plot at the ripe old age of five. As a teenager she grew bromeliads and orchids from seeds in Florida, while volunteering at Selby Botanical Gardens. Felicity studied for a year in France at an agronomy lab, and then graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Horticulture. After college she worked at a plant nursery before entering the world of landscaping. Mrs. Clarke started Felicity's Flowers and Design in 2001 and continues to pursue a life long passion for digging in the earth and for growing plants.

Karla Windey

image Karla Windey — Designer, and wing–man. Artist at heart and always training, Karla has fifteen years of practical experience honing her plant skills. She has a terrific eye for design and balance and brings such a wonderful “can do” attitude to her projects!

Planting & Maintenance Crews

image Our planting & maintenance crews are with us all year long. They are passionate, hard–working, and neat. They take pride in workmanship and really care about doing the job correctly and on time.